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Hello everyone and welcome to Crisp New Strings. Music has always been a strong passion of mine as well as all things “techy” or mechanical. Ever since I picked up playing guitar my hunt for the perfect gear has slowly turned into a kind of “obsession”.

This of course led me down the rabbit hole of guitar strings, tone and playability. The first thing I noticed when I first started this journey was just how convoluted and confusing it was… and as a beginner how frustrating!

Of course there is lots of information out there you can find but it is always vague and generic and/or someone else’s personal preferences. So in the end the best thing I decided I could do was to just start buying and trying different string sets.

This took me years to figure out what works best for me and of course it evolved to meet my needs as I developed my technique.

I developed this site to share my insight and to make guitar strings a simple and enjoyable experience.

Why I Am Passionate About Crisp New Strings

I started playing guitar when I was 17 when I was still in high school. After a couple years out of school, working, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life It became very obvious to me that it had to be music.

I worked on my “chops” a bit and am now currently attending college studying applied music. It feels great to pursue my passion but best of all I get to play guitar EVERY DAY!

This of course mean that I burn through strings fairly quickly especially when you’re playing at school or performing and you’re forced to play with dirty sweaty fingered which always leaves caked up gunk all over your strings and fret board.. Gross! For this reason I strive to find strings that are affordable to replace or easy to clean.

I love many genres of music, in school we mainly study jazz… however I love playing mostly rock and metal which can be very physically demanding on both you and your strings. Because of this I desire strings that are durable.

As long as I’ve been searching for my “perfect stings” I’ve known that they have to be a one size fits all, meaning that I can use them for all my musical needs. This for me can be summed up pretty simply… The easiest strings to play that make an appropriate tone… I know sounds vague but think about it, your ideal stings should be easy to play and get out of your way as a musician to allow you to make music as effortlessly as possible AND… they should sound good!

WHY I Created Crisp New Strings

I created this website because I wanted to! also because I noticed that when shopping for strings online if you have something specific in mind it can be hard to find it or even to tell if it exists.

This led my to explore making my own custom set which is much more expensive and very inconvenient. This whole guitar industry seems at times to be some-what convoluted at times and I wanted to make choosing your guitar strings a simple and pleasurable experience.

I also wanted to share my own experience so that I can help others as well as create a space where people can nerd out about geeky guitar stuff and spread the collective knowledge of my own and others to the community.

THE GOAL OF Crisp New Strings

My goal here is to make shopping and researching strings as pleasurable as possible. Not from the perspective of a store with stock that only show items they sell but for the customers…. Us! who are the ones buying the strings. Nothing I review here is sponsored so I give my honest opinion and am not afraid of people from spending money on bad products. – not sponsored so you get my honest unaltered opinion.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out to the best of my ability.

All the best,


Crisp New Strings

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